Girl Gang

Emotional support is the most powerful thing one can possess to create crazy and wild things in one’s life and to cope with the chaotic and hectic ride life extends.

As a woman on a mission to empower myself and others, particularly women – we need to walk, sometimes run confidently down that dark hallway.  Often alone. We then emerge out the other side to find someone there ready to give a hug if we are lucky.

I have always struggled with the adage “men are stronger than women.”  Growing up with poor male role models, I understood men were more broken than they are portrayed to be.  Gender bias is real and affects both men and women. 

Yet, women appear to receive the brunt of it.  The truth is that often, as women, we are judged so harshly by much of society for being too sensitive or too hormonal.  Perhaps we are.  As women, we are universally magnetized creatures with an energy connected to the stars. The moon pulls our cycles; we can create and carry life within us for nine months. This is beyond unbelievable!

I remember reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in my late twenties.  “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  This statement stuck.  Knowing there is a possibility of having a dream come true makes life exciting and offers hope.  In my dark hallway adventures, I have always trusted that a higher power, together with my intuition, will guide me through hard times. 

Where am I going with all of this? I just finished and launched another volume of S.H.E. Share Heal Empower, showcasing twenty-two women and their stories together with twenty-five amazing artists.  What a journey – storytelling is healing.  I learned to listen to many other women and their journeys, which taught me ways to unpack my life and stand tall in perspective.

Creativity blossoms when I am connected with and to a larger whole – for me, the universe, and a few close comrades.  I believe we are all powerful beyond our own beliefs.  This is why having a tribe or an emotional support group is vital.  Having that team of women warriors or men (if they are sensitive enough to understand) reminds us that it will all be ok when the road gets tough.  I want women who honestly tell me like it is – no holding back.  I have a great girl gang: Tristen, Lorie, Paige, Linear, Jenine, and Danette.  They verbalize what I often need to hear shamelessly and vulnerably without judgments or criticism.  Each, in their unique way, lifts me repeatedly.  Encouraging, motivating, telling me to keep on trucking, and telling me it’s not okay to quit.

As women, we can multitask – and do it without complaining.  Well, most of the women I know do!  It’s incredible how much we can get done in one day.  Trust me, I am not personally bragging about this, as I am the one who thrives on overdoing.  The truth is I can multitask like a machine.  Most men I know simply can’t, which is acceptable. Maybe this is why women often get overwhelmed, cry more, and break down quickly but quietly – too much we take on.  We are indeed out of this world in so many ways.  Despite all the difficulties being a cosmic creature, we seem to persevere somehow.

Life is hard.

But I am much better with my girl gang.

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