Built For Anything

Life, with its complex weave of experiences, often echoes patterns from the past, especially regarding relationships.  For me, it’s pretty much a guarantee that all of the traumas of the past will eventually show up again in all our interactions with people.

Our wounds are never healed in isolation or alone – healing can only occur in relationships.  Therefore, I will be demonstrating how each relationship challenge in my life has been my biggest blessing.  Proving my past wrong is vital, what happens is a type of mind trickery – feeling the same emotions repeatedly with the same thoughts and feelings.  Experiences will erupt, but the goal is to use different mindsets which will generate different outcomes.

This next writing project is not only a process. But more significant than that, it is about reconnecting with the power within me and overcoming serious challenges and setbacks while transforming myself into a better version once the lesson is absorbed through living.  Everyone is fighting demons and wounds in the shadows.  I want to become a prototype showing others how I have been pulling myself out of a dark place alone since childhood. 

These years keep teaching me I am built for anything.

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