About Me

prolific preambles

Writing gives me immense pleasure and purpose.  There has always been a special place in my heart for storytelling.  I write because there is so much to say and my two teenage boys’ tire of listening to me.  I write for insight, the more written the more I learn about myself.

My passion for life and learning drives my appetite for adventure.  Interests include travelling and exploring different cultures. I am married to a man who joins me on this journey and encourages me to grow.

Enjoy the various topics on this blog – Creative Non-Fiction, Empowerment, Philosophy, Poetry, Travel and Women’s Issues are a few. People who dare to be different captivate me!

Feel free to visit my other websites and learn more about remarkable women past and present who have inspired me along the way:  www.livinglegaciesventuracounty.org and www.daringdames.org

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