Random Rants for 2023

Much of what I feel and focus on is understanding what it is, why it happened, and how I can fix and move forward in a different format.  Do I question it all?  YES, is that healthy?  For me, YES, again.  Breaking down false beliefs about myself or situations to build a solid personal foundation based on my true thoughts is what knowing myself looks like.  It offers me peace of mind and stability, a sense of true self. 

I continue to recognize that when something comes or someone doesn’t align with my beliefs, values, or desires, I simply say no, that isn’t for me.  Breaking down and thinking about who I am and what I need is beyond empowering and brings contentment.  Although, my toxic trait that has not left is I still get mad about old pain even if I have moved past it.  Because I still don’t understand why I deserved it.

I promise you this. You must catch me while I care…once I stop caring, I am a whole different person. I also think there’s a point in one’s healing journey where you stop trying to convince others to do the right thing.  Lately, I have been observing their choices, understanding their character, and deciding if I will continue allowing them in my life.

Or maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Perhaps it is about un-becoming everything that isn’t me, so I can be who I was meant to be in the first place.

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