Buddha Babble

Let me introduce my expert editor. My hero, who is invisible to you.

She is remarkably patient, guiding grammatical errors to their correct usage, while bringing

reasoning plus artistry to my madness. Illuminating the meaning of my thinking along the way.

We share an inner giggle when my lively mind becomes overly philosophical, meandering,

spiritual, and sometimes even transcendental. Once this occurs, in no sequential order, it

means I have activated Buddha Babble.

She warns me to minimize the babble and deliver clear and concise verbiage. This is a constant

struggle for me. I enjoy verbosity. Philosophy and critical thinking excite me. Human behavior

and the meaning of life entice me. My mind, like my writing, is always in flux. It is constantly

shifting which creates esoteric thoughts that often come across as didactic and hard to identify


When – and if! – my perplexing rambles materialize, she reminds me to eliminate the free-

wheeling, free-style sort of writing that can be challenging to follow. “There is a power in

presenting direct development,” she frequently repeats. Quite simply: less Buddha Babble.

My expert editor has a flair for bringing flow to my phraseology. Her heroic modifications

create a meaning metamorphosis and allow skillfulness to shine. Simple tips and sensible

excisions make my Buddha Babble comprehensible. She has a knack for underlining areas

where a reader may struggle, which forces me to reframe the structure of my sentence and

deliver a straightforward sense of understanding.

I am grateful to have my invisible hero slashing sentences and properly placing commas.

Without her expertise stylistic snags, redundancies, and run-on sentences could be victorious.

She gently prompts me to be transparent and use more direct ways of expression.

An incurable lust for learning guides me on the journey of exploring my mind. It is important to

show true mettle in my writing and continually evolve. I am fortunate to have my invisible

hero, a compassionate teacher who brings enlightenment and order to my endless Buddha


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