Path of Enlightenment

My load limit is often full.
Finding freedom within and giving in, makes me feel good.
My life gets complicated.
Simplicity in nature can be surreal and habitually heal.
As I stroll down this serene surrounding, my perspective is refined.
My feet move forward, yet my body and mind want to wait.
I offer myself another moment.
To pause.
I stand mesmerized by natural beauty and marvel at its pureness.
As sunlight radiates down through the trees, it filters my mind.
I follow the light leading me through this wooded wonder, reminding
myself to be audacious as I step on each square stone.
I appreciate silence, society rushes me.
Concealed within this wondrous walk, while basking in freedom and fresh air,
I organize my reality, and stay committed to my heart and natural surroundings.
Taking time to contemplate on wooden benches discovered along the pathway,
I understand being lost, yet found, is an art to all ages.
I respect this refuge, admiring the assortment of hues it presents.
Seeing symbolic significance, as the Sakura flowers emulate pink snowflakes, falling gently on the ground.
I delight in this visual and sensual treat, marking an end or beginning to the next stage in life.
I am alive and awakened in how reflective a one mile route can be.
Finding my senses, it feels appropriate to acknowledge the great sages and confluence of magical minds surrounding me.
I observe an abundance of bumblebees perhaps disguised as the ancient greats.
I should decode their messages held in the hollow of aged cherry trees.
Relishing the rhythmic water stirring in the canal below, I recognize its resemblance to my inner restlessness.
A discovery of bridges that bring thinkers together provides refuge on this communal route.
I am no longer feeling void from life’s uncertainties, a smile and joy emerges inside and out.
Captivated by a confetti of emotions, sprinkling like pink petals on the water,
I found a place of pure rejuvenation, which will never fade from my mind’s eye.
As I snapped an ample amount of mental pictures, this springtime tradition will last a lifetime.
I connected with the harmony and energy this path projects, feeling
relaxed and understanding my liberated presence.
I now recognize seasons change, fragility of life exists, yet I feel whole again.
There is awe and inspiration by my capacity to bloom at varying times in my life.
I have this life to appreciate exquisite scenery that lies in different pockets of the world and within me.
To be aware of how infinitely connected we are is a gift.
As I glean philosophical wisdom from the past, I forge forward to the future.
Year after year remembering the stroll down Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto, Japan in the flowering season of my forty-second year.

First Published at Life As A Human on May 4, 2016


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