Cured by the Sea

One gulp of clean salty air, and I stand lured by a roar of the sea, by no means planning to plunge. Simply a means by which to restore.

As I exhale slowly being surrounded by the sea, my heart stirs. While soul searching and rescuing, my mind spews, as I relinquish the control, I impart.

Setting my turmoil free, no longer ignoring the essence of me. The deep-sea rumbles, once more reminding me I cannot force things to be, allowing my instincts and natural elements, to guide me.

It is here I observe the slow and steady rhythm of life. Each step I realize my stride increasing resembling the pace of a sandpiper fixed on finding the reward beneath a sandy shoreline.

As the sea foam skitters across the sand I too, dance.
As the sand dollar appears mysteriously on the shore, I too, resurface.
As the castle like structure of wet sand is stately. I too, stand grand.

Her waves of truth are a form of therapy, self-discovery in my sea sanctuary, compassion in the currents of my life and patient with who I continue to become.

Determined not to sink while sculpting my selfhood, to feel underwhelmed is good, to not be burdened by my mind is better. A safe harbor for an unfinished self to settle.
A joyful journey only accessible on my own, the sea cures me, an oasis offering endless possibilities, a continual surfacing and submerging to the ever-changing me.

© Shannon Hogan Cohen


First Published at Life As A Human on December 5, 2015

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