Love Tour

I release myself.

In trust and shelter, in my partners soul.

Understanding nourishes belonging.

Feeling free to be me.

We tour time together.

To feel understood, what a gift.

Suspended in love.

Sacred intimacy.

Secret trust.

Finding the special someone.

With the capability to awaken and free the possibilities within me.

Forever my soul friend.

All things change.

We come together, we part.

My lifelong companion is never lost.

Even when his lonely lovebird flies.

Soaring high in the sky.

Next to the clouds.

Where stars shimmer and shine.

Across the milky way we meet again.

Embracing earth’s love scene.

Our love tour is tender.

Flowing like a stream.

Often feeling like a dream.

No need to stay side by side.

Love is always nearby.

Touring together.

Night and day.

Out of loneliness.

Out of exile.

Home to the house of belonging.


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