Me & Myself

Me & Myself

being brave

waking each morning, open to what life has to offer


Demands of everyday living can be difficult,

the busyness of being

the never-ending swirl of noise,

whether coming or going, my life is in constant motion.


I walk along the sea and welcome a new day

shining stars are stationary,

moonlight illuminates my way.


There is silence in the air

reflection, a serene time of mindfulness.


The darkness lifts, I sense an exchange

an opportunity to see and receive a new day.


The world is waking, there is complete calmness strolling the shoreline

sea birds peacefully mingle

tides leave their mark in footprint free sand

waves stir without occupancy, creating a rhythmic sound.


My aloneness is short-lived

as morning solitude becomes a souvenir,

a tranquil reminder with every step

inner and outer silence can exist.


My walks with me, provide time for restoration.

Mastering the art of stillness

is a gift the sea has given me.


First Published at Life As A Human on November 2, 2015

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