Toilet Paper Truth

How do you react in moments of crisis?

Something, more than worry, I hope.

Something, more than hoard toilet paper, I hope.

Something more than hole yourself up in your house, I hope.

A crisis can be an opportunity to create something new.

Instead of sulking through more news updates, watching the stock market get clobbered or uploading another movie on Netflix – go learn something new.


Well, the world is changing, and it will need us to contribute. In a week or a month, or a year from now how will you look back at this time in your life?

Will you have used your opportunity to contribute and play your part in this new reorganized world we are existing within?

Or will you have only enjoyed your stockpile of toilet paper and overabundance of hand sanitizer?

Yes, be wise where you go.  Yes, be in informed.  Yes, be vigilant and encourage your elders to stay safe and inside.  But let’s not stop there.

Let’s be generous.  Love those around us.  Be a survivor.  If you are safe, then you have an opportunity to help.  To connect.  To care.  To create.

We all have choices. 

Don’t just isolate yourself and merely endure the crisis.  Make a choice within the context of your life and create something new.

The paradox of pandemonium is that its a reminder that life is far more fragile than we think about daily.  Its a lesson that the systems we rely so heavily upon can be easily upended.  The world as we know has been altered.  It needs you now to be ready and give your meaningful contribution.

Do not waste your toilet paper moment of truth.

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