Yay Me…Yay You!

You don’t have to know what comes next, nor do you have to have everything figured out right this second. You surely don’t need to know your entire story, or its outcomes.

Try to remember, you are a human being.  You are a living, changing, growing soul riding through your own unique and wild journey of life.  And that is exactly what it is – a journey – and it would not be a journey if you knew what was coming next.

Life, just like its journey never ends – it only changes!

Nobody knows nor should want to know our “end”…. this unknowingness can be both beautiful and haunting in our lives.  Never hinder your growth.  Build on the what you already know.  Expose your mind.  Allow it to stretch and grow.  The knowledge we already carry will only expand and add our new growth.

To be in the now is what counts. And to not know what tomorrow will bring out is an opportunity to free up any confusion, worry or fear.

Live in peace within yourself.

Let your heart not be disturbed by your mind.

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