Truth Teller

The only people who get mad at me lately for speaking my truth are those I learned that are living a lie.  I will keep telling my truth without needing to prove myself. 

A relationship close to me is teaching me great lessons.  I have learned a lot about this person by how they leave things.  There is a pattern.  For me, maturity, mutual respect, and reverence aren’t always possible but are available.  I am doing the best I can considering the circumstances and walking with peace, knowing I did speak my truth and will not disrespect myself for the sake of the other person, even if it’s a family member; too many years of accepting the behavior and letting it slide knowing it did not sit right with me.

I have buckled down on my boundaries as a form of self-love and reminded myself that time is valuable and my feelings are valid.  Those who love me will respect that.  Being at peace for me means I no longer need to prove anything to anyone.  Whether I speak my truth or not, I no longer need outside validation to tell my side of the story, even when I hear rumors that tell an untrue version.  I used to guard my heart, but now I guard my peace because I truly know my peace is worth more than proving myself to anyone.

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