Why I Read & Write

When I read and write, I hover about myself and occasionally zoom in and out.  I am both me and not me – that reflection looking at things in my eye yet through another’s eye.

When I read and write, I am both “most myself and least myself.”

When I read, I escape my reality, but it takes me back to confront my condition when I write.  I write to live, to understand and make sense of the world I occupy.   

I read and write not just to escape reality but to create a new reality. I read because it’s a ritual and an expansion of knowledge and perspectives.

I write because I like to ponder on paper. I write because I think and track my thoughts. I read and write because I want to connect my experiences with others. 

Most importantly, I read and write to find the correct language to identify how I can make a difference in the world.

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