Drift To The Light

I have realized that not everyone wants to heal. They like to use their emotional wounds as an excuse to not be fully responsible or find themselves. It feels as if they are basically telling me, “don’t expect too much from me and you need to give in to me – because I am hurt.”

It is crystal clear to me when I meet them. These type of people tell their entire life stories the first time we converse.

They are negative, constantly complain and talk only about the past. I like to call them energy vampires or wounded birds.

It can be very hard if these people are in your close circle of family or friends. In fact, it can be challenging to say no, and “get rid of them.” However, I realize if I tolerate them – then I have to deal with the consequences.

They are hard to ignore. The best advice I can offer, which is what I remind myself. Stay away from these types of people.

Love them from afar.

Over the years, I have succumbed and bent over backwards for them. I felt it was my duty to not abandon or betray them. However, lately my inner Rosie (that inner compass and wise warrior woman within) reminds me, if it hurts, it isn’t love.

Love does not need anything from you.

Find light.

Steer clear from darkness.

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