The Surreal Surrender

I am in whatever happens, happens mindset….no longer forcing things.

I am slowly letting go and allowing “most everything” to flow.

Over time, I continue to learn…control is just an illusion.

Nothing is ever guaranteed beyond this very moment.  All I can do is make choices in each moment that will create momentum towards the direction I desire.

Noticing with my hubby and kids, lately the seemingly small things end up being incredibly big.  As life and its odd sense of humor has proven ad nauseam, the little things over time become big things.


Let go.

Be present.

The unknown has always been a friend of mine, however, recently the unknown is beginning to be my best friend.  Living on the edge has always been the place for me.  Unfamiliar and its circumstances is where I thrive.  Expansion is my endless happy place.  To me, that is where the magic resides.

Off I go, once again – feeling my way into another unrevealed experience.


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