My Meandering Mind

Mysterious wishing

Away with the garbled thoughts

Coming my way


It is imperative I learn

A way to make them stay

For only myself will I betray


They often lead me astray

What will they convey as I find my way

It is important to not disobey


Interpretations will display

A scenery that reminds me of a parfait

Layers upon layers of my past with a blink of today


I begin to slowly overplay

My mysterious wishing

Recognizing my desire to overstay & never stray


It is my soul I must repay

For it was I who disobeyed

Gradually beginning to decay, this was not OK


Perchance I become versed & conscious on how to convey

My jumbled ways of receiving & reasoning

With this awareness, now I shall strut & sashay


© 2015 Shannon Hogan Cohen

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