Lofty Love

Surrendering my shield

Impacts me.


Unfolding past patterns of behavior

Frees me.


Doing away with division

Heals me.


Breaking down hand-built walls

Transforms me.


Giving myself completely to love seems scary,

Preoccupied with fear,

Emotionally wary,



Swerving past individual differences,

Understanding complexities,

And encouraging reverence,

While gently removing layers of life.


An exquisite paradox,

Complicated yet carefree,

Challenging yet compassionate,

Empowering never encapsulating.


I learned lofty love with my partner

Who sways back and forth,

With me,

Supporting my inner and outer worth.


An affectionate hustle,

With a rhythmic unspoken link,

Rising between us,

Resembling an unassuming eye wink.


He elevates my character and spirit.

He shifts my thinking towards tenderness.

He entangles my senses and thoughts.


We go beyond the beyond,

With our similar soul vavoom.

As the lotus flower unfolds in murky water,

We also, discover a deep place to feel safe and bloom.


To give and receive love,

Teaches us,

We must be our own,

Before we can be each other’s.


A return to innocence.



Coming together.


Crossing chasms,

Identifying new vantage points,

Sometimes with sarcasm,

But always together.


Hand in hand.

Heart to heart.

Cultivating our version of lofty love.


Published at Life As A Human August 2016

© Shannon Hogan Cohen 2016

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