Life is Unpredictable

Life is dangerously unpredictable.

Each one of us is doomed.

Yet privileged to be an artist.

Who both carries and shapes.

Our unique world.

The human journey.

A continuous act of transfiguration.

The power of possibility.

Endless possibility.

Yet always on a journey.

From darkness to light.

From light to darkness.

Everyday an adventure.

Discovering balance and flow.

Learning to trust the rhythm of each.

A human heart is birthing itself.

In every experience of its life.

Everything that happens to us.

Has the potential to deepen us.

Exploring new heart territory.

Searching for more in this modern world.

Looking to fill the void.

Longing for change.

Open for change.

Needing more.

Open for change.

Wanting more.

The art of living.

Will never be predictable.




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